I love weddings. I truly do.

I love being able to capture your wedding day as it unfolds, freezing moments in time (like a time capsule) – all the small pretty details, your excitement and nervousness as you get ready, the moment you see each other in wedding attire for the first time, the look on your parents’ faces as they watch you marry the love of your life, the pure unadulterated joy, the laughter and the tears (I can’t promise that I won’t shed a tear or two!).

I want to capture your wedding day as you remember it, the small things, the big things, and all the little moments in between. I want you to look at these photographs and be transported back to that moment in time, to remember the people in the photos, hear their laughter and feel their joy.

Ten or twenty years down the road when your wedding flowers are long wilted and you don’t remember what colour your wedding decor was or how the cake tasted or who got the most drunk – if looking through your photographs brings you back to how you felt on your wedding day, and lets you relive these moments over and over again, then and only then would I feel like I have succeeded at my job as your wedding photographer.

Wedding and Elopement Collections.


My wedding and elopement collections are tailored to each wedding so send me a message with some of your wedding details and we’ll figure it out together!

(Prices range from around 15 000 – 35 000 NOK – please contact me to get a detailed pricelist.)

Every package comes with tangible items. After your wedding day I carefully select and edit your photographs and deliver them in lovingly put together gift packages. Glass bottle or wooden usb drives, gorgeous prints in wooden keepsake boxes – everything is highly personalized and made with love and soul.